It is the circumstances that bind you to the unexpected.

Since the beginning, Mom and I worked as a team. We believe in a common idea. We know when something is about to born and we go for it.

When we created in 2019 Jekyll n’ Hyde, our goal was to produce a small collection based on needs and desires, where everything could happen. To create and to reuse, to do and to undo. Jekyll n’ Hyde was born.

Jekyll n’ Hyde is a discordant concept, like us. We believe that fashion is about paradoxical feelings and emotions. We want to combine the trends with its soul, the water we drink with the air we breathe, the light of the sun with the darkness of the night. The turbulence of the city with the romanticism of the countryside. Welcome to Jekyll n’ Hyde.

If someday someone make a story of good and evil, of thanks and misfortunes, of the new and the old, of sound and silence, we want you to think of Jekyll n’ Hyde.

A kiss,

Jekyll n’ Hyde